Keep On / Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN

artist : Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN
title : Keep On
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-006
release : Jun 2, 2014
format : Digital Single (iTunes Store/Amazon worldwide)
price : ¥150 (tax in)

Produced & Mixed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Mastering by KASHIWA Daisuke (Virgin Babylon Records)

01. Keep On

Artwork by BOH (UC RECORDS)





Lights of Hope / Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN


artist : Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN
title : Lights of Hope
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-005 (UPC:840090056071)
release : Jan 20, 2014
format : Digital Single (iTunes Store/Amazon worldwide)
price : ¥300 (tax in)

Produced & Mixed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Directed & Filmed by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Mastering by Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)

01. Lights of Hope
02. Motives & Thoughts

Artwork by BOH (UC RECORDS)




Visions of Forbs feat. RACY & MOTOacce / DJ U-CAN

visions of forbs_jkt.indd

artist : DJ U-CAN
title : Visions of Forbs feat. RACY & MOTOacce
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-004 (UPC:840090056132)
release : Jun 20, 2013
format : Digital Single (iTunes Store/Amazon worldwide)
price : ¥450 (tax in)

Produced & Mixed by DJ U-CAN (UC RECORDS)
Bass by eiji omoto
Guitar by hazime (NOT2BELIKESOMEONE)
Scratch by Panakronic (spacetone records)
Mastering by Jerome Schmitt

01. Visions of Forbs feat. RACY & MOTOacce
02. Keep On (Demo Version)
03. Visions of Forbs (Instrumental)

Artwork by BOH (UC RECORDS)

LIGHTS OF HOPE / Various Artists

artist : Various Artists
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-003
release : Sep, 2010
format: Digital Download (iTunes Store, Juno Records, Amazon worldwide)
price : 1,500 yen
*CD Jacket and Label can be downloaded from HERE.
*This is limited time offer for an year from released date.


‘UC RECORDS’, an independent label which brings you pure and soulful music on streets all over the world. ‘UC RECORDS’ presents its very 1st compilation album with the aim of supporting the victims cause by recent natural disaster. We all have precious things in our lives, but the crucial reality is that those valuable things can be deprived by the natural disaster. Facing such reality, this compilation album brings you ‘pure and soulful music’ to show the hope in your world. Artists from all over the world gathered together to make this album. (Respecting each artist’s liberal mind of expression, the label did not request any specific details for the musical piece.) Bring together many different tastes of artist, you can find various music styles based on the culture from various countries with its originality. Including tracks by Miles (Project collaborated by Manuvers and Seven Star who is known as the supreme MC in Miami), Supersci (Hip-hop group in Sweden creating the northern melancholic hip-hop), Nolto (Rapper of the super unique style with his singing and flow in Canada), etc… *Part of the profit of this album (25% of the total sales) will be donated to Japan UNISEF as the reconstruction fund for the areas devastated by natural disaster.

Music by…

bija / JAPAN
Direct Impact with ERIKA CRYMSON / JAPAN, UK
Livingdead / JAPAN
Nolto & Dren / CANADA
Panakronic / TAIWAN
Protassov / GERMANY
Seven Star & Manuvers / US
Shao Zuu a.k.a. DJ U-CAN / JAPAN
Sivion / US
Supersci with Remedeeh / SWEDEN

Artwork by BOH


artist : DJ U-CAN
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-002
release : 2008
format: Mix CD
price : 1,575 yen (tax in)


“He made a journey freely leaded by the guidance of music. This MIX fully depicts his grand overflowing view on the world.”

“UNDERGROUND CONNECTION” (UC RECORDS/2006) did create an echo all over the world considering the movement with definite connection, including the greatest lyricist in Korea Jazzy IVY a.k.a. GAKNAKUNAE, taking the free-style of artists in each country of Asia which was his own activity base. As also in this work “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION Scene 2”, artists from each country of Europe and America participates who resonated to the greatest concept of the series “Chain reaction of connection”. Shout out performances was done by several artists. From Botanica del Jibaro, label with a firm DIY spirit dropping countless legendary works, lyricist Seven Star obtaining worldwide evaluation. And from Independent Label STONES THROW, label supported by passionate music lovers all over the world, Chief PEANUT BUTTER WOLF and ALOE BLACC also participates. DJ U-CAN acts in various grounds such as “KYOTO CRISIS” (SAND 2nd ALBUM release party) and BLOCK PARTY (WESTERN EDITION film premiere). His independent and liberal style also appears in his DJ play, and as similar to former work, this album represents his activity it self.

01. Seven Star / Shout from Botanica del Jibaro
02. Chuck Miller / Appeal
03. Inner Science / Bright Note
04. John Robinson aka Lil Sci / Shout from US (W: Dday One / One Big Step)
05. REHASH / Drone by Default
06. Jonas Bering / Behind the Silence
07. THE CORONA / Tantanto Koukou (CALM Remix)
08. Blackconductor & Under Kick Tank / To the Music
09. Felix Laband / Miss Teardrop
10. Album Leaf / Shine
11. Alias & Ehren / Netting Applause
12. J Dilla / So Far to Go
13. Nu-mark & Pomo / Imagine
14. Wyclef Jean / President (Remix)
15. Bob Marley / No Woman No Cry (Remix)
16. Blue Sky / Days Are Years
17. PABLIE / Blissful Relapses
18. Anomaly / Carve
19. The Cinematic Orchestra / Familiar Ground feat. Fontella Bass
20. Supersci, Louis Logic, Ghost, Sivion / Shout from Europe & US (W: Nino Moschella / Holding On)
21. Aloe Blacc & Peanut Butter Wolf / Shout from STONES THROW


artist : DJ U-CAN
label : UC RECORDS
cat# : UC-001
release : 2006
format: Mix CD
price : 1,575 yen (tax in)


DJ U-CAN, the brand-new generation hip-hop DJ from Japan. Since 2004, he has participated in many parties all over Asia. He has performed in China (Beijing) as a main DJ at an event called “NO WALL”, which is an only event in China that uses analogue turntable. He is releasing his very first MIX album, “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION”. This Mix album is full of original scratching and various genres mixing the sounds of the old-school tunes and the new-school tunes of underground hip-hop. He is the one to catch your minds with his amazing sense for making groove.In this album, he main MCs GAKNAKUNAE  and HJ (AFRO KING; now FOUNDATION RECORDS) from Korea (the one who sponsored the very first B-BOY PARK in 2005), 54CLUB (the most famous HIPHOP CREW in Beijing), SHORTY-G and more MCs that performs their tunes in clubs and streets has participated with their freestyle rap. This MIX album is the piece that shows DJ U-CAN’s performances that literally interprets “originality” and “the bond between the underground scenes of Asia”.

01. Gaknakuae (Seoulstar) / Shout From Korea (W: Piano Overload / Intermission Thing)
02. Staffro / Realize Featuring B.I. & Mikchek, Trice
03. Staffro / 3 Minute Drill Featuring B.I.
04. J-Live / School’s In
05. NaS / It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Large Proffesor Remix)
06. Dilated People / Work The Angles
07. 7L & Esoteric / Rest IN Peace
08. Omega Watts / Full Swing Featuring Neogen & Deacon
09. Kenny Dope / Get On Down
10. Piano Overload / Stay Home
11. Eliot Lipp / Like No Tomorrow
12. Jahpan / It’s Alright
13. Wes Jones / The Phoenix
14. Asamov / Help Me Sing
15. Omega Watts / Dream On
16. Staffro / ONE Life Featuring B.I. & Mikchek, Trice
17. Omega Watts / Stay Tuned Featuring Sojourn
18. Eliot Lipp / The Shade
19. Rjd2 / June (Remix)
20. Nobody / Con Un Relampago
21. Damian Marley / Road TO Zion Featuring NaS
22. S Club, Shorty-G, RAY, HJ (Afro King) / Shout From Korea & China (W: Azeem With Variable Unit / Electon-The Transfered Transformation)
23. Boards Of Canada / Ataronchronon
24. Asheru Of The Unspoken Heard / Dream-Birth