Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN

Shaoz aka DJ U-CAN is a DJ/producer from Japan, who continues original music activities through the journey called “underground connection”. After he released “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION”(2006) featuring the greatest lyricist in Korea JAZZY IVY (Zulu Nation) and artists all over Asia, and “UNDERGROUND CONNECTION Scene 2″(2008) with participants including Sever Star (Botanica Del Jibaro) and artists all over US and Europe, he participated for classic albums such as NAGAN SERVER “MU-ROOTS”(2010), DJ ARCHITECT “+81 -PLUS EIGHTY ONE-”(2011), LIVINGDEAD “PRIVATE ANTHEM”(2013). He is also working for various projects by following own guidance as his liberal life style flows.

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DJ ZOO is a DJ, who continues to express his emotions by spining and try to free the minds of music and people. Since 2002, he has participated in “RETURN TO FOREVER” (CLUB VINYL/Osaka) which is known as the house of house music party for 2 years. In 2004, he participated in “FLAVOR” (WORLD/Kyoto) with DJ AGEISHI (AHB Pro). In 2006, he participated in Release Tour for ”UN.CHAIND RHYTHUMS” by Joaquin Joe Claussell (WORLD/Kyoto). In 2008, he released “soundspore” (Mix CD-R/soundspore). In recent years, he continues to spin various parties in Kyoto, mainly at “Satisfaction” (CLUB COLLAGE/Kyoto).

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Boh is a graphic designer who has the liberal style of designing includes collage and painting. Since 2005, she has worked for designing flyers, CD jackets, and Clothes. In 2008 she has particated in “100 Nin Ten” (@inoti/Osaka), also worked for exhibition “LIFE IS MUSIC. LIFE IS ART”. (@POOL/ Shiga).

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